Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sweet Shot Tuesday: Baby Boy!

I recently linked up to Sweet Shot Tuesday. This blog is a little reminder for me to get out there and take pictures! Lately, it has been easy since I have all kinds of (cute) kids around the house to photograph... On my last blog update, I shared some recent photos of my little brother, Cade.

Well, in honor of Sweet Shot Tuesday, I thought I would share one (or maybe two) of the recent photos I had the chance to take on Mother's Day. Tyler is my Sweet little nephew... How can anyone resist smiling after seeing this face?!?


And, oh yea, join in on the fun of Sweet Shot Tuesday!! (I linked it twice for those of you who missed the bright color font in my first line... sarcastic undertone inserted here.)

Tyler, 7 month photos

Every girl loves a boy in a Tie!! 

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