Monday, January 17, 2011

Oh January, Where did you go??

So I had all of these lofty intentions to do all of these great 'things' in 2011 and I am halfway through January and feel like I am failing... miserably!

How did this happen? So soon? Well I guess Life. Just. Happened. (My number ONE excuse)

Some of my wonderful 'goals' for 2011 were and STILL are...
a. Work out more often.
---What do I mean by this? Well... in 2010 I had one of my personal best years for working out since college... I completed one complete 90 day round of P90x. Yay! I saw immediate results! But then what happened? Summertime came and I enjoyed my bathing suit body too much by thinking I could lay back and relax... Not possible. I have learned that with each year that goes by the harder it is for me to keep and maintain a firm body... All those people out there (if there are any readers) that are thinking right now... She has no room to talk about firm, she is so thin! It.Doesn't.Matter. Skinny people can have fat, cellulite, lumps, and pudgy stomaches, TOO! And I hate it.
So that leads me to my 2011 'goal.' I haven't started out so great. I am thinking that if I write it and let it all out there, maybe, just maybe I will hold myself more accountable. I literally have no reason to NOT workout... So, it is out... I WILL workout more often.

b. Blog more often.
--- Yes, I know it is halfway through January and I this is only my first 'official' 2011 blog, but like I mentioned above, if I type it and put it out there, maybe I will hold myself accountable? We will see.

c. Learn how to sew.
--- That is right people, I am marking off my list of things I want to do before I am 30. What am I talking about? A list of things to do before I am 30? Yes, I have one. It is kept in my wallet. No reasons in particular for the 30 thing. I just want to make sure I never, ever have a mentality of 'I shoulda, coulda, woulda... I am sure I will make many more lists as the years go by. I am a list kinda-person!
I want to sew. Sew what? You might wonder... I have no idea. I just want to sew something and feel that gratification! How do I plan to do this? Well my lovely NanaC. has volunteered to teach me. hehe... She has her work cut out!

d. Be a Better Wife.
--- Oh no! She isn't a good wife?!?! No, no, no. I feel absolutely, well 99%, positive that John feels I am a good 'wife.' However, I feel that there is always room to improve... I never, ever want to stop trying in our marriage. So, every year, it will be my goal to work on and improve our relationship as husband and wife.

e. Practice my two 'hobbies' of baking and photography.
--- Why practice? Well, Practice.Makes.Perfect! In 2010, I found two hobbies that I KNOW I will love forever. I feel that last year was definitely my year for trying new things. THIS year is my year to improve on those two new things. I picked up these hobbies because I wanted to do something nice for my sister and the cutest nephew in the entire world, Tyler... In that process, I learned that I am pretty good at it! I know though, that I have tons to learn.
In 2010, I was able to take my hobbies and make a little extra Dough, Money, $$$. How awesome is that?! Take something you love to do for fun and make a little extra cash!!
This year, I hope to learn and grow more as a baker and photographer and If I make more money, than So.Be.It.

f. Get our house in order.
---Say what?! The house that I have lived in for over a year is Still not in order?! Nope!! Again, I feel like this is a goal that I have every year... There are things I want to do and improve on. Nothing major, but make some changes. Of course, I will post everything on here!!! :) Remember goal , 'b.'

That is it readers! These are my goals. Of course, they are in no particular order. Just the random order of thinking on this lovely day.

Did I hear you say that you missed seeing a picture??? Okay, Okay here is a couple pictures of one of our 'children.' Teaching us everyday that no one thing/person/animal is alike. I think Tugger is preparing us for kids...

What happened to his stomach?!??!!
Well, He had to have EMERGENCY surgery... WHY??!? Because he swallowed a screw cap cover and it lodged in his small intestine. Puncturing the wall... Yea, nice, there went our fun trip for New Year's Eve. $1,000.00 later... we went home.

Awww, so cute... Not.When.He.Is.Bad!!!
Bad kitty! I can't turn around for two seconds...
Who am I kidding? I love this little terror.

That is all I have for now! Promise to write type to you soon!

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