Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Where Are You Wednesday?

Today... where am I?? Good question..
My brain is going 68,382 miles per hour and cannot slow down.. We had a field trip today, 9 official teacher days left of work, 10 days until we are on vacation, and I am just one stressed out cookie! John tried to say on the way home (from another late day at the good ole' school) "That we are never home! We don't even have time to wipe our butts, let alone water our plants!!" My smart, sarcastic response was, "Well, for your information I ALWAYS find time to wipe." He didn't really find me funny at the moment... and then responded with, "You know what I mean."

Moving on...

So as some of my faithful readers know, I have really gotten into this 'link up'/blog hop thing that goes on in cyber land. Whatever the name is, I find it pretty darn neat that there are all these ways to link up and meet new people! I love it! I have ready some pretty awesome blogs and have started following a few new ones myself.
Now, people, I am fully aware that I am not the best blogger in the world. (This is where I would normally insert excuses of work, field trips, baking jobs, family stuff, busy weekends, etc.)
So I won't do that. I know I need to get better, but sometimes I'm just not feelin' it.. ya know?!?!

I love writing typing. It gives me a chance to clear my mind and just focus--whatever the topic may be. My only problem is actually just SITTING down for some uninterrupted time to just relax. (Mind moving too fast problem, remember?)
Anyhow, I am hoping by me doing these link up/ blog hops on different days it will help me stay a little more accountable. I know... you are probably thinking that it is absolutely ridiculous that she has to hold her 'hobbies' accountable... But, that is just me. I do better when I have deadlines, schedules, agendas, plans... I AM A PLANNER, People!
Those of you that have known me for quite some time (yes, those same that still haven't figured out how to officially 'follow' me. ;) ) know that I have always been one that meticulously plans... for everything.

So, this blog is dedicated to joining a new blog hop, Where Are You Wednesday?
Can't wait to meet some fellow bloggers from all over the world!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tasty Tuesdays! Margarita Cupcakes!

So, I am really starting to like this 'link up thing' and I am going to start connecting to Tasty Tuesdays!

For Mother's Day, John and I hosted a lunch for our mothers, along with the new mama, my sister. My theme was Bright, Spring, Colorful (of course.) And Mexican for lunch! YUMMY!

As we all know, NO meal is complete without dessert! I found this amazing Margarita Cupcake from Brown Eyed Baker... and I must say.... One of the TOP 5 cupcakes I have ever put in my mouth! Say what?!?! Let me repeat, Blissful, Heaven, Yummy, MMMmmmm, Good!

So, without further anticipation.......

Note 1: If you choose to make these, please use WORTHY tequila!! I cannot say enough, how important it is to use decent liquor in recipes. PEOPLE... is DOES make a HUGE difference in the taste. Patron is used for all tequila drinks (and recipes) in this house!

Note 2: I did make a few changes to the recipe, nothing major... I would be lying if I said I ever follow a recipe exact. I will only use certain kinds of butter, vanilla, milk, etc. Do what works BEST for you in the kitchen! :)

Enjoy!!! AND try* to use more Patron in your recipe than in your drink. ;) Just sayin....

Sweet Shot Tuesday: Baby Boy!

I recently linked up to Sweet Shot Tuesday. This blog is a little reminder for me to get out there and take pictures! Lately, it has been easy since I have all kinds of (cute) kids around the house to photograph... On my last blog update, I shared some recent photos of my little brother, Cade.

Well, in honor of Sweet Shot Tuesday, I thought I would share one (or maybe two) of the recent photos I had the chance to take on Mother's Day. Tyler is my Sweet little nephew... How can anyone resist smiling after seeing this face?!?


And, oh yea, join in on the fun of Sweet Shot Tuesday!! (I linked it twice for those of you who missed the bright color font in my first line... sarcastic undertone inserted here.)

Tyler, 7 month photos

Every girl loves a boy in a Tie!! 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

To My LiTtLe bRo...

Dear Cade Wyatt,

My sweet, sassy little bro... where do I begin??

The past four years have flown by! You are one of mine and John's greatest joys in life! I love watching you grow, play, and just hang out with the adults. Your conversations have changed so much, just over the past year. This time last year, the word 'sharing' was a new concept for you and you still weren't sure how the whole telephone thing really worked. You would say, "Sissy, I can hear you, but where are you? Can't you come over NOW???"
Your 'Why?' questions are definitely still there, but they are fewer and farther apart nowadays. I didn't think I would actually miss the 5,734 WHY's per day... but honestly, the older you get, the more I do miss them.
More recently, you hung out with John and me for the day and we had some interesting conversations... You have started trying to convince me of what I you really want to do... "Sissy, you are done eating, it is time to leave." "Sissy, you do want ME to have M&M's, can I have some please?" Yes, Cade you said please!
We had some funny conversations too.. about buggers and worms and cat litter boxes!! I will never forget those conversations and I will make SURE to discuss them your entire life! That is, after all, what siblings are for!
We played water guns and then counted the number of feet your 'gun' could shoot... Yes, you could COUNT, to 10!!

The one conversation that we had I wish to never, ever forget though, that is why I am putting it on my blog. So that this next story will be here, where ever 'here' is, forever...

We were walking back to the car, holding hands through the parking lot and I was trying to kiss on you and all you could say was, "Sissy!" as if you were embarrassed by my kisses... I said to you, that I remember when you were a baby and I loved you soo much! That I wish you could be little forever! And as I am buckling you in your 'big boy' seat, you look at me with those big, brown eyes, and said, "I can't be a baby forever, Mama wants me to be a big boy, Sissy!" I then explained that I understood, but I still missed you as a baby. Then, as seriously sweet as a four year old boy can be, you turned to me and said, "Sissy, will you still love me when I am a big boy?"
My answer then, is, and will be the same forever. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!! I love watching you grow, while remembering you as a tiny baby! You are such a 'big boy' already and can't wait for you to start school next year!!  I wish for you to NEVER lose you sense of humor and your imagination, and to of course, never be too old to kiss your Sissy!
I love you, Cade Wyatt.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sweet Shot Tuesday: My Pop

Recently I linked up to Five Minute Friday and have also gotten inspired to link up to Sweet Shot Tuesday. This link is a way to get all people to get out there and shoot! (Their camera that is!)

And here is my photo of the week: The Peace Lily

I know, to the unknowing eye, it looks like a sad little house plant. But not to me. This is my daily reminder of my Pop, the one plant that I chose to take home after his funeral services.
He was the family's Rock. Stubborn as anything :), but always brought our family together. He was the one who was always willing to say what others wouldn't. He was funny, loving, and above all else had faith.
It is that faith that allows me to count on this plant. Every Winter the old plant dies off, and it is in the Spring that the new plant sprouts and is beautiful and blooming by Summer and into the Fall.
It was on Tuesday that I just happened to go out the door that we never use, to find this. I looked at John and said, "Pop is back for the Spring!"

This little plant makes me smile.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

First Time: The Hard Love

So, one of my dearest and best friends, Kelli, has finally started blogging again and I can't even begin to say how delighted I am for her! Yes, selfishly I am thrilled that I have a way to constantly see the happenings of their life with their baby girl, Janie. Kelli has also gave me some inspiration to write for myself. This past Friday, she linked up to the Five Minute Friday and spent 5 uninterrupted minutes of typing. Her post was beautiful. It amazes me what truly flows from our minds when we just take the time to think...
Yes, I know it is Sunday, and I am linking up to Five Minute Friday, but who cares... the point is that I am taking 5 minutes, for MYSELF, to just type.

Here it is...

The Prompt: The Hard Love...

That is just it... Love is HARD. Some days are more difficult than others. Sometimes I feel that it is harder to love than any other emotion. I think, just for a second, it would be so easy to just NOT care.
I'm not talking about my marriage, or family, or any one particular thing.

Just about life.

In life we love so many 'things' whether it be people, possessions, memories, careers, animals... but are any of these things constant? Do we ever love these 'things' the same way, forever?

I think not. That, my friends, is what makes love hard. It is the challenge, the feat, the feelings that rush through one's body that make love so hard, but at the same time so worth it.

So many days, I agonized and worry over things to come... and what 'could' happen.

My goal is to just Love.
Love when it is hard.
Love when it is crazy.
Love when it is fun.
Love when it is Complicated.
Just Love the moment that I'm in.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Let's Play Catch Up... AGAIN!!

I know I know, I am again getting way behind on my blogging. BUT I am NOT apologizing this time. Why would I? No more saying I am sorry when I don't really mean it. Remember, this blog is for me, an outlet of my thoughts, a way for me to journal our bizilife together as a young couple with no children. I am sure that over the years my blog, topics of choice and content at times will change over the years as our life's priorities do... we will see.

Where have I been? Well, BIZI!!! (Get it... the name of our blog...) This is where you say, okay corny joke number 5,397 of the year. I can't help it. :)

We have been doing all those wonderful things 20 something year olds do... No, not party... well maybe a little bit. ;)

Let's see...
We had our very first Teacher's Spring Break together this year. We had an amazing week of doing pretty much NOTHING! We went camping to one of our favorite places in St. Augustine, Anastasia State Park. I highly recommend this place to anyone. It is peaceful, clean, and above all else... BEAUTIFUL! It was just John, me, our little tent, and the campfire. (Yes, you heard me... I sleep in a tent... occasionally.)
Anyways, here are some photos of our month(s)...

 Yes. Oh Yes. Peaceful. Good Music. Nice Weather.

Our FAVORITE RESTAURANT in St. Augustine...

We went to the Kenny Chesney Concert with my parents.
Fun oh fun!!!

Tried out a couple new recipes in the month of March and April

St. Patty's Day Guinness Cupcakes

Baby Shower Cupcakes!! Gotta love a baby girl on the way. :)

Petite Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Bliss Icing

CakePoPs!!! Yummo! Or so I heard...

And I seriously think that this is ONE of the most RIDICULOUS things I have ever seen... GROSS!!!

I Found a NEW favorite snack... and it is healthy!

My sister and I took our very first Sister's Beach Getaway... We had a great time!! It was so nice to get to spend time with her. We are just enough years apart that one of us was always in the middle of some sort of 'transition' in life. College, Marriage, working in Hawaii, Having a baby, work, etc. Finally... our lives slowed down just ENOUGH for us to find the time to go away, just the two of us and catch up.
Yes, we talk and text often, but it just isn't the same. 
My mom always told us that we would always have each other, no matter what. "Sisters are ALWAYS there for one another!" She would say after we argued and hit and made nasty faces at each other.  Then my mom would MAKE us hold hands and hug and make up... I used to think how ridiculous... But, now, more than ever, I am so thankful for my mom instilling making us see that kind of bond like no other. I love my sister in a way I love no other person. We share feelings and life experiences that no other person can share with us. We have been through so much and in the END, she is still there. Bad times and GOOOOOOOODDDD... which was exactly what this weekend was! We made so many memories and have many infamous 'quotes' from the time spent together. :)

Yes, I am a little embarrassed to admit that I own a shirt that has this on it... Best part... It says Spring Break '11... haha. Oh memories.

That is it for now... like I said before, I was a little busy. So, no apologies for not being the best blogger in the world. :)
Hope to here from you ALL soon!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The "C" Word is becoming a Habit Around Our house...

So...How did I do for pulling you in? How many of you had rapid, random 'C' words whirl around in your brain??
Hopefully it pulled a couple of you, that don't normally read, in to take a glance at this blog that is made up of our crazy-hectic-full of adventure-LIFE that we love!!

To let the ANTICIPATION get to you a little bit more, let me just say that at one time I thought that hardly ANYONE was reading my blog. At first I was kind of saddened, but then it hit me... I am doing this for MYSELF. I guess sometimes we as people I (at least) get so wrapped up in the 'rat race' of always having things to do for other people, (whether it be for job, family, friends, spouses, kids, etc),  that we forget to do something for ourselves.
That was the main reason I started this... For.Me.
Getting WAAAAYYY OFF TOPIC, I promise to get back to the point! :)
So with me enjoying my '6' faithful followers and myself I continued to write type. Then, one day I came across the "Stats" for my blog and I will just say that I was delighted to see that there are more than 6 people reading this... There are a BUNCH!!!! I know, I am doing this for myself, but it is still good to know that I can still in a way multi-task. (One of my favorite past times.) Even if it is just for a couple of minutes, people, somewhere, are getting some type of pleasure out of MY BiziLife. That makes me happy. :)

Now, down to business, this big C word has been following us around lately.... Or rather we are following it.
No, it is NOT child or childREN... Nice thought though. Patience. My family and friends.

It is CONCERT(S)!!! I know, I know... not a real good joke. BUT that is the only way I could figure out how to draw people in...
John and I have been to more concerts this school year, than EVER before. (Yes, I go by school years, not actual years like everyone else... Don't judge me!)
I won't bore you with our list that is turning to be quite the long one, but I will tell about ONE particular concert that we went to, TWICE.
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

So good we saw them on 2 of their Florida tour dates. They are AMAZING.HOTT.ROCKERS.
Mark my words, they will be big very, very soon. (In fact, vh1, Conan O'Brien, amongst others are noticing them!) PLEASE take the time to check out their music...
Yea, I know... impressed, right??
Anyway, we went to the State Theatre in downtown St. Petersburg to see them on a Friday and then drove to Orlando on a Sunday night to see them perform at the Plaza Theatre.
Both venues were small, but in no part intimate...
Once that show started, it was a Rock and Roll PARTY! With both places having standing room only, we waited in line over an hour at both locations to get at the front. 
Friday Night- We were close enough to the stage that we were literally leaning on it. I could have touched Grace if I REALLY wanted to... but I wanted to stay and not be escorted out. :) That night, John was able to get a guitar pic that was left on stage, right by Grace's microphone. 
Saturday Night- We were front row again, but they had the first couple feet by the stage closed off for media usage. Honestly, Sunday night was my favorite night! The band had more energy, the crowd was totally feelin' it and we had a blast!! On this night, John and I caught one of the drumsticks... I had both hands on this stick and John had one. We WERE NOT letting go! :)

I won't go into much more detail because then I even get bored typing it... I can only imagine how it would be to read about every little thing that happened. BUT if you like that sort of thing, please ask! I have TONS of stories. :)

Now, our nights through pictures...........

I was standing center stage... my view

Justin Jones... acoustic. Great voice, funny guy! Check him out! :)

Jonathan Tyler  from 'Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights'
THEY ARE A MUST SEE!!! We *might* see them in May...

GPN Pictures





My favorite photo from the night


That is all for now. Hope to hear from you soon.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

SOBE Food and Wine Festival, 2011

If you aren't a 'foodie' then you probably can't really connect with most of my posts... Because as it has already been established, I love all parts food and drink.

As part of our birthday presents from Mom and Chris, along with mine and John's birthday presents to each other, we went on a 4 day trip to SOBE. (South Beach!)
Here is the official site, and main reason we went, of the SOBE Food and Wine Fest.

And here is an agenda of what we did while in Miami!

Friday Night:
Took a quick 36 minute flight down to Miami International and hopped in a cab that took us to SOBE... We checked in our hotel, the Winterhaven.

We slept in and then spent some time walking about 1.2 miles to the famous Joe's Stone Crab. Where we ate some of the best Stone Crab Claws. Well, it was my first time eating stone crab claws, BUT they were amazing! Cold, tender, juicy, and some wonderful house-made mustard sauce and drawn butter for dipping. YUMMMMMMMMMMM

We then took a stroll back, looking around in shops and such. We eventually made our way to the beach and spent some time catching some rays. SPF 30 was indeed used!! :) SOBE is an event in itself. Anything goes there. I mean ANYTHING. Enough said. None of those 'anything goes' pictures were taken.


Here is a SOBE picture from afar...

After a couple of hours we walked up Ocean Drive and found Oceans 10, a great place to grab an afternoon cocktail. :)
And ran into a famous person!?!
Dennis Rodman

Saturday Night:
That night we made reservations at Emeril's Miami Beach Restaurant. Dinner was very good... But i don't know that I would go back. I say this mainly because there are so many other restaurants that we want to try, but also because nothing really sticks out in my mind. 

We woke up and went to this great cafe that was recommended by a friend, News Cafe, and had a delicious breakfast. This is a place I would try again. :)

We finally made our way to the SOBE Food and Wine Festival. Since we only had tickets to Sunday, we wanted to make the most of our day. We waited in line to get in at opening time...

There were HUNDREDS of vendors in the Grand Tasting Village to see, along with Famous Chefs doing presentations... some of the shows we attended were...


Bobby Flay

Anthony Bourdain

Then Andrew Zimmern came out on stage...

Last but not least, John got his book autographed and picture taken with Anthony Bourdain.

The Grand Tasting Village had some of the most unique, tasty food and beverages... It really was a great way to experience all SOBE had to offer in one location. One booth that John made it to was the Kone- temaki-sake-lounge. He, being a sushi lover, said we must go and try their restaurant. Sooooo
Sunday Night, our last night in SOBE we went to KONE.

Let me just say... first, I have never had a KONE before. One word to describe this yummy goodness? HEAVENLY.
Sweet succulent shrimp tempura with sticky sushi rice and the best eel sauce I have ever had, hands down. This is a MUST try. 
Great cocktails too.

Oh, and I almost forgot... THEY premix their wasabi and soy for you! No work here, ladies and gentleman...
We will definitely make it back to this little, local place. 

And this is a dress I bought while shopping in SOBE! I loved it so much I wore it to dinner two nights in a row... Shhhh. Don't tell. ;)

Well, that wraps up our whirl wind of a trip... We had the best time in SOBE. I would totally recommend this place to people who are looking for a quick getaway. If you like food, relaxation, sun, and sand... and are open to a little diverse culture---it is a place for you!