Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sometimes, Change is a good thing...

For those of you that are not aware, John has been spending a lot of time over the last few years to try and get his name in the 'teaching' spectrum. If you aren't already aware, getting a teaching job can be VERY grueling and sometimes impossible if you don't know anyone that can 'help' you out... With that said, the past two years have been very difficult and I know stressful at times for my hubby. He has tried so incredibly hard to find a teaching job. Interview, after interview he was told that it was his 'lack of experience' was the breaking point for hiring him. How is one supposed to obtain experience if no one will ever give that person a shot??
Anyways, all of that to say that John FINALLY got a teaching job!!! YAY!!!
I am SUPER excited for him to start this adventure! Although, he has noooo clue what he has gotten himself into ;) lol...
I know that he will make such a great Elementary P.E. Coach!!!
So, to celebrate an opportunity at a lifelong career here is to you, honey!

I feel as though sometimes we pray so hard for something and when it doesn't come in our time we start to question if we are praying for the 'right' thing. But, I have to remember to take a step back and realize that everything happens in God's timing. I am so hopeful for what the future holds for John, me, and US!

P.S.- More pictures to come of THIS cupcake adventure... They will be on a different post...


  1. Summer, I found your blog on Facebook today and I am so excited for you! I LOVE blogging and I am with you blog about everything because your readers will want to hear about it all! Congrats to the hub and your cookies are so cute! I may be recruiting you come Christmas and birthday's.

  2. Thanks Lauren! It was so good hearing from you! I will add you on my list of blogs to read!