Sunday, May 8, 2011

To My LiTtLe bRo...

Dear Cade Wyatt,

My sweet, sassy little bro... where do I begin??

The past four years have flown by! You are one of mine and John's greatest joys in life! I love watching you grow, play, and just hang out with the adults. Your conversations have changed so much, just over the past year. This time last year, the word 'sharing' was a new concept for you and you still weren't sure how the whole telephone thing really worked. You would say, "Sissy, I can hear you, but where are you? Can't you come over NOW???"
Your 'Why?' questions are definitely still there, but they are fewer and farther apart nowadays. I didn't think I would actually miss the 5,734 WHY's per day... but honestly, the older you get, the more I do miss them.
More recently, you hung out with John and me for the day and we had some interesting conversations... You have started trying to convince me of what I you really want to do... "Sissy, you are done eating, it is time to leave." "Sissy, you do want ME to have M&M's, can I have some please?" Yes, Cade you said please!
We had some funny conversations too.. about buggers and worms and cat litter boxes!! I will never forget those conversations and I will make SURE to discuss them your entire life! That is, after all, what siblings are for!
We played water guns and then counted the number of feet your 'gun' could shoot... Yes, you could COUNT, to 10!!

The one conversation that we had I wish to never, ever forget though, that is why I am putting it on my blog. So that this next story will be here, where ever 'here' is, forever...

We were walking back to the car, holding hands through the parking lot and I was trying to kiss on you and all you could say was, "Sissy!" as if you were embarrassed by my kisses... I said to you, that I remember when you were a baby and I loved you soo much! That I wish you could be little forever! And as I am buckling you in your 'big boy' seat, you look at me with those big, brown eyes, and said, "I can't be a baby forever, Mama wants me to be a big boy, Sissy!" I then explained that I understood, but I still missed you as a baby. Then, as seriously sweet as a four year old boy can be, you turned to me and said, "Sissy, will you still love me when I am a big boy?"
My answer then, is, and will be the same forever. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!! I love watching you grow, while remembering you as a tiny baby! You are such a 'big boy' already and can't wait for you to start school next year!!  I wish for you to NEVER lose you sense of humor and your imagination, and to of course, never be too old to kiss your Sissy!
I love you, Cade Wyatt.

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  1. So sweet. I have three younger brothers. I love the relationship I have with them. I feel like they're the best things my parents ever gave me!

    I'm sure your little brother will love reading this when he's older!