Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Where Are You Wednesday?

Today... where am I?? Good question..
My brain is going 68,382 miles per hour and cannot slow down.. We had a field trip today, 9 official teacher days left of work, 10 days until we are on vacation, and I am just one stressed out cookie! John tried to say on the way home (from another late day at the good ole' school) "That we are never home! We don't even have time to wipe our butts, let alone water our plants!!" My smart, sarcastic response was, "Well, for your information I ALWAYS find time to wipe." He didn't really find me funny at the moment... and then responded with, "You know what I mean."

Moving on...

So as some of my faithful readers know, I have really gotten into this 'link up'/blog hop thing that goes on in cyber land. Whatever the name is, I find it pretty darn neat that there are all these ways to link up and meet new people! I love it! I have ready some pretty awesome blogs and have started following a few new ones myself.
Now, people, I am fully aware that I am not the best blogger in the world. (This is where I would normally insert excuses of work, field trips, baking jobs, family stuff, busy weekends, etc.)
So I won't do that. I know I need to get better, but sometimes I'm just not feelin' it.. ya know?!?!

I love writing typing. It gives me a chance to clear my mind and just focus--whatever the topic may be. My only problem is actually just SITTING down for some uninterrupted time to just relax. (Mind moving too fast problem, remember?)
Anyhow, I am hoping by me doing these link up/ blog hops on different days it will help me stay a little more accountable. I know... you are probably thinking that it is absolutely ridiculous that she has to hold her 'hobbies' accountable... But, that is just me. I do better when I have deadlines, schedules, agendas, plans... I AM A PLANNER, People!
Those of you that have known me for quite some time (yes, those same that still haven't figured out how to officially 'follow' me. ;) ) know that I have always been one that meticulously plans... for everything.

So, this blog is dedicated to joining a new blog hop, Where Are You Wednesday?
Can't wait to meet some fellow bloggers from all over the world!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tasty Tuesdays! Margarita Cupcakes!

So, I am really starting to like this 'link up thing' and I am going to start connecting to Tasty Tuesdays!

For Mother's Day, John and I hosted a lunch for our mothers, along with the new mama, my sister. My theme was Bright, Spring, Colorful (of course.) And Mexican for lunch! YUMMY!

As we all know, NO meal is complete without dessert! I found this amazing Margarita Cupcake from Brown Eyed Baker... and I must say.... One of the TOP 5 cupcakes I have ever put in my mouth! Say what?!?! Let me repeat, Blissful, Heaven, Yummy, MMMmmmm, Good!

So, without further anticipation.......

Note 1: If you choose to make these, please use WORTHY tequila!! I cannot say enough, how important it is to use decent liquor in recipes. PEOPLE... is DOES make a HUGE difference in the taste. Patron is used for all tequila drinks (and recipes) in this house!

Note 2: I did make a few changes to the recipe, nothing major... I would be lying if I said I ever follow a recipe exact. I will only use certain kinds of butter, vanilla, milk, etc. Do what works BEST for you in the kitchen! :)

Enjoy!!! AND try* to use more Patron in your recipe than in your drink. ;) Just sayin....

Sweet Shot Tuesday: Baby Boy!

I recently linked up to Sweet Shot Tuesday. This blog is a little reminder for me to get out there and take pictures! Lately, it has been easy since I have all kinds of (cute) kids around the house to photograph... On my last blog update, I shared some recent photos of my little brother, Cade.

Well, in honor of Sweet Shot Tuesday, I thought I would share one (or maybe two) of the recent photos I had the chance to take on Mother's Day. Tyler is my Sweet little nephew... How can anyone resist smiling after seeing this face?!?


And, oh yea, join in on the fun of Sweet Shot Tuesday!! (I linked it twice for those of you who missed the bright color font in my first line... sarcastic undertone inserted here.)

Tyler, 7 month photos

Every girl loves a boy in a Tie!! 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

To My LiTtLe bRo...

Dear Cade Wyatt,

My sweet, sassy little bro... where do I begin??

The past four years have flown by! You are one of mine and John's greatest joys in life! I love watching you grow, play, and just hang out with the adults. Your conversations have changed so much, just over the past year. This time last year, the word 'sharing' was a new concept for you and you still weren't sure how the whole telephone thing really worked. You would say, "Sissy, I can hear you, but where are you? Can't you come over NOW???"
Your 'Why?' questions are definitely still there, but they are fewer and farther apart nowadays. I didn't think I would actually miss the 5,734 WHY's per day... but honestly, the older you get, the more I do miss them.
More recently, you hung out with John and me for the day and we had some interesting conversations... You have started trying to convince me of what I you really want to do... "Sissy, you are done eating, it is time to leave." "Sissy, you do want ME to have M&M's, can I have some please?" Yes, Cade you said please!
We had some funny conversations too.. about buggers and worms and cat litter boxes!! I will never forget those conversations and I will make SURE to discuss them your entire life! That is, after all, what siblings are for!
We played water guns and then counted the number of feet your 'gun' could shoot... Yes, you could COUNT, to 10!!

The one conversation that we had I wish to never, ever forget though, that is why I am putting it on my blog. So that this next story will be here, where ever 'here' is, forever...

We were walking back to the car, holding hands through the parking lot and I was trying to kiss on you and all you could say was, "Sissy!" as if you were embarrassed by my kisses... I said to you, that I remember when you were a baby and I loved you soo much! That I wish you could be little forever! And as I am buckling you in your 'big boy' seat, you look at me with those big, brown eyes, and said, "I can't be a baby forever, Mama wants me to be a big boy, Sissy!" I then explained that I understood, but I still missed you as a baby. Then, as seriously sweet as a four year old boy can be, you turned to me and said, "Sissy, will you still love me when I am a big boy?"
My answer then, is, and will be the same forever. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!! I love watching you grow, while remembering you as a tiny baby! You are such a 'big boy' already and can't wait for you to start school next year!!  I wish for you to NEVER lose you sense of humor and your imagination, and to of course, never be too old to kiss your Sissy!
I love you, Cade Wyatt.