Sunday, August 15, 2010

Darla's Birthday & the Red Velvet Cupcake

The last weekend of July was the last days of summer we had left before school started back. So, I used my 'extra' time to try out a new recipe for Red Velvet Cupcakes and pulled out the ole' fondant to make some pretty little cakes for Darla's birthday. For those of you that don't know, Darla is my mother-in-law. Her birthday was on the 31st of July.

Let me just say that I should have known from the amount of ingredients in these little cuppycakes that I was asking for trouble. This recipe took me at least an hour and half to make and bake. A little ridiculous I think. I mean, I am all for some homemade cake, but not when it has 4,305 ingredients and takes FOREVER! Yes, I am telling a bit of a lie about the number of ingredients, but it sure felt like there was tons!
Anyways, very LOOOOONNNNGGGG baking story cut short: The cupcakes turned out looking so cute! But, I didn't feel the taste was that yummy! :( I feel like the baking side was a complete flop. (Sorry Darla, I tried! Next time I will use a recipe that I know I can count on!)

Lessons Learned from this baking catastrophe:

  1. It is ALWAYS a good idea to try your recipe out ahead of time. Even if you don't have a lot of extra time. Who wants to take cupcakes to someone when you know they aren't your best?
  2. It is ALWAYS a good idea to use frosting recipes that you know work for you. This stupid, stupid recipe came a with a cinnamon cooked frosting that literally ended up looking like Elmer's Glue gone bad... So, I ended up having to get up early to make a new frosting that I knew would taste good. I know in my heart I can always count on Martha. Even if she is a lady with a prison record. We all have flaws, right? ;)
  3. When using fondant, don't go extra powdered sugar crazy on your work surface (even if you have a bit of a love affair with it. You would have to read the New Orleans post to understand.) OR it will be some kinda difficult to get those tiny, small, micro balls and flowers dusted off. 
  4. I CANNOT bake when I feel rushed, in a bad mood, or have 1,583 other things on my mind and a teacher's to-do list like one would not believe. I just don't get to enjoy being in my kitchen and having my 'me' time with my rolling pin, cheap hand held mixer, ingredients all over the place, and my 'tackle' box full of decorating stuff. 

All in all, the cupcake were very cute, made with some of Darla's favorite colors. John said they weren't horrible, but they weren't my best work either. :( 
Good news: in sharing this event with a good friend of mine, I now have her red velvet recipe that she can always count on. So, no more worries about looking for a good red velvet recipe. 

To continue on about John's mom's birthday... We had a wonderful dinner at Tommy Bahamas Restaurant at Pointe Orlando.  The food is always great and the company was even better! Especially when you have a yummy citrus, rum drink in hand! Great time, even better memories! Happy Birthday, Darla! We hope you enjoyed your cupcakes, kitty cat necklace, and dinner.

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