Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday RunDay

We all have something we are good at, that we love doing, we make a conscious decision to do our 'thing,' and if we don't get a chance to do our favorite thing, we fill empty, like something is missing, you just don't feel like yourself...
I honestly can say with all my heart <3 that my husband's 'thing,' his hobby, his talent--- whatever you wish to call it... is RUNNING.
Who likes to run? Who things they are actually good at it? Who enjoys it? Who does it for fun? NOT me, that is for sure, but he does. He runs almost
I admire him.
He is an awesome runner.
 I am of course speaking for him when I say he is good, he is better than good, he has a natural talent. He would be bashful and say that he is an okay runner compared to the 'pros,' but I disagree.

He was always active as a kid and teenager, but it wasn't until our first year of dating that he competed in his first 'race.' And that one little 5k in Fernandina Beach was all it took... to HOOK him.
Since then, he has been a runner. John has competed in everything from 5k from 50 mile runs. (Yes, I said fifty.)
As you can all imagine, running is a big part of not only his life, but our life. John's running determines most of our nights and our weekends. But, I don't mind. I don't think I would have it any other way. His running and active lifestyle has opened so many doors for us, for me. I feel that because of that 'change of life' pace (literally) we have become a more health conscious, active couple. Yes, we still eat bad things, very bad things. BUT we are pretty aware of everything we put into our mouths and the repercussions it might have. (For example, a bowl of queso from Tijuana Flats... bad choice... walk after dinner... crunches...)

There I go again.. getting off topic! Anyways, all this to say that on Sunday John competed in the Ocala Marathon. This is his 3rd time running this particular race. It is one of my favorite, as a wife of a runner. The weather is always perfect, it is literally in our backyard, and J always has a pretty quick recovery from it. Once again, I am one PROUD wife of my amazing runner. I feel blessed to kiss such an awesome guy after he crosses the finish line. That hug and kiss, no matter how sweaty and salty and stinky, is one of my favorite feelings. I can't explain it. I think that I feel some of the joy and relief that he feels.

Without further a do... here are some pictures from his RACE day. Results are at the end. :)


Beautiful day, Beautiful finish

11 overall finish
8th overall male
1st in age (men's 25-29)

time: 3:35:49

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