Sunday, April 24, 2011

First Time: The Hard Love

So, one of my dearest and best friends, Kelli, has finally started blogging again and I can't even begin to say how delighted I am for her! Yes, selfishly I am thrilled that I have a way to constantly see the happenings of their life with their baby girl, Janie. Kelli has also gave me some inspiration to write for myself. This past Friday, she linked up to the Five Minute Friday and spent 5 uninterrupted minutes of typing. Her post was beautiful. It amazes me what truly flows from our minds when we just take the time to think...
Yes, I know it is Sunday, and I am linking up to Five Minute Friday, but who cares... the point is that I am taking 5 minutes, for MYSELF, to just type.

Here it is...

The Prompt: The Hard Love...

That is just it... Love is HARD. Some days are more difficult than others. Sometimes I feel that it is harder to love than any other emotion. I think, just for a second, it would be so easy to just NOT care.
I'm not talking about my marriage, or family, or any one particular thing.

Just about life.

In life we love so many 'things' whether it be people, possessions, memories, careers, animals... but are any of these things constant? Do we ever love these 'things' the same way, forever?

I think not. That, my friends, is what makes love hard. It is the challenge, the feat, the feelings that rush through one's body that make love so hard, but at the same time so worth it.

So many days, I agonized and worry over things to come... and what 'could' happen.

My goal is to just Love.
Love when it is hard.
Love when it is crazy.
Love when it is fun.
Love when it is Complicated.
Just Love the moment that I'm in.

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