Sunday, August 15, 2010

Chelsea + Levi = Baby Tyler

What can I say? I love taking pictures of Chelsea's cute baby belly. As everyone should know by now, Chelsea and Levi are expecting Tyler Levi very, very soon! Her due date is October 11th. 
From the "My Baby Sister is Going to be a Mommy" post, you might see a little shape of the belly change in the pictures below. These pictures were taken on  July 31, 2010 at my grandparents' farm. 
I had told Chelsea that if she liked her maternity pictures that I took, I could take some of the two of them as well. To say the least, she seemed to be sooo pleased with the first set! 
Since school was fixing to get underway for John and I and Levi's work schedule with being a restaurant manager is crazy busy, we figured we better take the pictures when the timing was right! 
My hope is to take some more once Tyler gets here. I want Chelsea to have as many pictures of this life changing event as possible. :) What can I say... I am trying to be a good 'sissy' as Chelsea used to call me... *sigh* those were the days when life was so much easier.. when our biggest concern was who would ride in the front seat and what we were going to 'pretend' play outside on our fort.
Without further wait... here are some pictures... ENJOY!

These three are my favorite... I love the use of the letters! Thank you, Michaels, For having those clearance bins outside that I am drawn to... Sometimes, there is good stuff in there. ;)

This rocking chair picture was taken outside my grandparents' house. My Nana and Pop used to sit outside and just rock away when the family was over. I took this picture because it made me think of my Pop and how over joyed he would be at the thought of another baby in the family. We miss you, Pop!

This is the infamous 'belly to belly' pic. Levi was THRILLED to take this one! Not!! haha.

We had fun with these bench pictures, I joked and told Chels and Levi these seemed more like engagement pictures than maternity pics! We agreed that was okay, since they didn't get any engagement shots taken. No one said that baby Tyler has to know the difference. ;)

Love, love, love the sky in this one.

Heart + Heart = Baby

Beautiful Oak Tree

This picture was taken in their bedroom with a peek-a-boo from the crib and the teddy bear.

Levi practicing, "No-no, Tyler!"

Love you Chels, and Levi I too!! We can't wait to meet the little boy!

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