Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Baby Sister's Baby Showers

As everyone should know by now, all of my 5 followers... :) Chelsea is pregnant with baby Tyler and due practically ANY day now!! I don't think I have mentioned though, what a BIG deal this baby is to our family... (not that you couldn't tell that I am a bit in love with Tyler already by all of by posts about him and Chels.) he will be the first nephew for me, the first grandbaby for my mom and dad, first great grandbaby for both sides of the family, and first great-great grandbaby for my Granny. I know, crazy right??!!

Anyhow, Chelsea was lucky enough to have TWO baby showers. My Nana C. hosted a 'breakfast' shower for Chelsea August 28, 2010 at the Speckled Butterbean in Wildwood. 
I, of course, made the cupcakes and cookie favors for everyone. 
Her second shower on September 11th was hosted by my mom's sister, Danielle and myself. This shower was your typical food, games, gifts! Who doesn't love a good ole' baby game using toilet paper to measure the mamma to be??
Before we get to the pictures I should probably mention that Chelsea is doing the baby's room in the Ocean theme. Soooo all things baby shower were focused around that! 
Chelsea had such a great amount of family and friends showering her with love, well wishes, and gifts! I think it is safe to say that baby Tyler shouldn't need anything for awhile!!!
And of course, here are some pictures from the showers.
The 'Speckled Butterbean' baby shower

Chelsea with her cupcakes and the beautiful painting that South Sumter High School painted for me

Party Favors

The second baby shower at Danielle's House

Party Favors full of White Chocolate Sea Shells


Graycie playing the 'toilet paper' game... This was her guess at how many sheets she needed to make it around Chelsea's belly... too cute!
Turns out, Chels was only 11 sheets around! Impressive!!

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