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Big Apologies for the end of 2010 blogging...

What can I say... life.just.happened.

I have come to realize that I didn't make the best 'blogger' in 2010!! Oops! Here is to starting the year off right though!!
Seriously though, I can't believe I haven't even written a single post since September! Soooooo to catch up the internet world and take a look back for myself, here is a quick look back from October 2010 until December 2010...
And of course, you (my reader(s)), have no other choice than to view it through my camera!!

Pictured here: Dad and Lori 
Lori graduated nursing school and is now officially a LPN!! Congrats Lori!!

Pictured here:
"Vera Bradley" inspired cookies for a friend/co-worker's birthday. She LOVED them! Plus, I had a blast making them! 

 Pictured here:
"Monkey" cookies. These were also for a good friend's birthday. She absolutely loves monkeys and I just couldn't resist making them for her!! 

Pictured here:
What I had been waiting for 9 long months for! The birth of Tyler Levi!!
First family picture of Chelsea, Levi, and Tyler!!
I love him so much already!

Pictured below:
Right after the birth of Tyler, J and I hopped on a flight to good ole' PA! Not that I was trying to skip town on my brand new nephew or anything, but this trip was planned since before his birth was known. 
See, a best friend of mine from college, Kelli Holz-Stubbe had just welcomed her little bundle of joy into the world a couple months before! Soooo we just had to visit Kelli, Jason and baby Janie for a couple of days!!

We flew into Pittsburgh Airport and rented a car... we got to experience the Pitts by driving through it.... Horrible traffic, but beautiful buildings!

And here is little miss Janie... Cute as a little button!!

Kelli and Jason live in Indiana, Pa. Which is by far one of the cutest, small towns I have ever been to! Jason and Kelli can practically walk everywhere in their town and we had a blast getting to experience it.

A couple of towns away is the GROUND HOG!! Yes, we got to see Phil and his 'girl.' :) It was quite amazing to finally put a place with a historical tradition that I teach to my kids ever year!
I can't wait to share these pictures this February!!

Stare into this picture... for as long as needed... yes, this is what FALL looks like!! Awesome!?! Isn't it?? I know, I know, you think this is a fake picture... but, It.Is.Real.

A couple of fun photographs... just dabbling a little in the photo hobby...... keyword "HOBBY!" 

So let me just say that when I said small town, I meant it... Kelli and Jason literally know everyone! Even the MILK MAN!
Yes, there is such thing as a milk man and yes, they get there milk delivered fresh to their door step... along with their eggs!

IF John drank milk and IF we lived in a small town, I would like to know the milk man and have ice cold milk delivered to MY door. :)

Kelli and Jason's Home!

Fall Festival Photoshop fun...

I think I have an obsession with taking pictures of buildings... churches, barns, etc.

Only the second covered bridge I have seen in my life. John's first. Kinda scary to drive through, but fun!

Kelli and Janie!
We had a Mountain Pie Bonfire at Jason's parents... delicious!!

Mountain Pie Maker!

Pictured here:
Tyler's New Born Pictures

There are tons more of pictures, but these are just a few of my personal favorites!

Pictured here:
Then we move on to family pictures for my mom's annual Christmas Card...
Cade and his Big Brothers
Special Delivery!

One of Cade's favorite things to do... (And mine too!!)

The girls are officially out numbered, but that is okay!

This family is growing by Leaps and Bounds!

Pictured here:
In November a friend of mine got married. They had a quick whirl wind engagement of just two months and were unable to find a local photographer in time. Soooo, for their wedding present, I took their engagement and wedding pictures... (I, in no way, consider myself a professional)However, I was extremely pleased with the pictures and so was Angela. Here are a few of my favorites from their wedding!!

Pictured here:
John's Grandma turned 85!!
So, I made chocolate cupcakes with buttercream icing and marzipan roses to match her very favorite china pattern... the Dessert Rose Collection

Pictured here:
Marla, Grandma, and Darla
Happy Birthday, Grandma!!

Pictured here:
Birthday cookies made to order
"Let's take a ride on my big green tractor!"

Pictured Below:
J and I had a week off for Thanksgiving break sooo we decided to venture out on our very first camping experience as a married couple.
Before you look at the pictures, I must admit, I.Was.Not.Thrilled.To.Sleep.In.A.Tent.
BUUUUTTTT it turns out, that I am a little outdoorsy after all.
Plus, we stayed at Anastasia State Park in St. Augustine... we could literally walk to the beach from our tent. AWESOME.

While there, we found this neat place to eat. The Conch House. All of these pics were taken in and around the marina restaurant. (There were also other really good places to eat, but I want to keep those a secret! Plus, no pics to entice you to go! ;) ) 
Best part? We got to sit in a Tiki Hut to eat!!

And of course St. Aug. isn't complete without a trip to the light house... J's first ever experience climbing up the lighthouse steps!!
Need I say more??
Oh and John's surf board...

This is one of my favorite photos from our trip...
If you are still reading the world's most incredibly longest blog posts, this is why it is such a favorite...
Ask yourself these questions...
Do you love a surfer?
Do you love the natural water drip caught on this photo?
Do you love the product placement of quicksilver? (A little cheesy? I know!)
My Answer: I do, I do, I do!!!
Plus, this married surfer-dude is Mine, alllllll MINE!! See the wedding band? :)

This is what a tent looks

 Yes, that is my SAD attempt to catch our kissing shadows... :)


Pictured here:
Thanksgiving, 2010
I like to take photos of food too... What can I say, I am a FOODIE. 

 My homemade Colonial Apple Pie.... Yum!!


Chels and Tyler

What are YOU thankful for??

 I wish I could eat cupcakes for dinner and still be skinny!

Pictured here:
My stupid Blackberry.... yes, it is covered in royal icing.... Just ask if I care? Ok, since you asked... Nope! Soooo glad Sprint and Blackberry are soo 2010! On to bigger and BETTER things!

I made Sunflower Cookies for a wedding.... one hundred, twenty-five of them.... I had not a single space left in my kitchen after all was said and done!

BTW- that IS John in the background... yes, he helped!! :)


Pictured here:
The 55 ft 1930's Ferris Wheel that graced it's presence in Downtown Ocala for the month of December... Yes, we went on it.

Cade spent the weekend with us, he had a BLAST on his first ferris wheel ride!

I love reflections, especially silly ones!

Pictured here:
Merry Christmas from the Bisignano Household!
This was our Christmas tree!!

 I inherited this infatuation of setting the table with my Christmas dishes... Thanks, Mom! :)

I'm not bragging or anything, but I have saved every single Christmas Card that John and I have received since we were engaged. It has turned into a wonderful collection. 

 I  made these Christmas Cupcakes for a holiday baking order... So much fun!

These cookies were also a holiday order... for Christmas Morning! 
I loved baking for the holidays, however, I didn't get a chance to do a lot of baking for myself... That is okay I guess, I didn't need to eat any of it anyway!

I am going to end here. What was that? Your eyes are completely dried out from staring at the screen for too long?? Well, relax... No more to read!

I am going to do our Christmas and New Years in a different post... 
I will say though, more for me to type it to myself, I am going to try* to keep up on this blog better. 
Like I said when I started this, it is a way for me to get out all of those random words that are wondering around in my brain. 
So, watch out, Internet World! Here me ROAR in 2011!
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  1. I love all these pictures, and I love you!!!! You so incredibly talented that it astounds me! Keep up all the GREAT work with your baking and photography - I love to watch you get better and better! Love you :)
    PS - I ADORE those Christmas cookies!