Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

I honestly can't figure out where the month of December went... For that matter, where 2010 went?! Rhetorical question, obviously...

Since I was such a bad blogger and had to catch up 3 months worth of our crazy-busy life, I decided to keep Christmas and New Years to its very own post.

Ever since my parents separated and divorced, my holiday schedule got ridiculously full of running around trying to see and spend time with everyone.
Then we come to John and me joining our lives together...
John + Me = Crazy, Stressful, Running Around like crazy people on the holidays!!

Although I just used words such as CRAZY, BUSY, RIDICULOUS the holidays really are about seeing family and friends and spending time with the ones you cherish. I won't lie, every holiday J and I get stressed and fuss over how we are going to fit in every.single.person. BUT somehow it all works out. We get a chance to see our families, even if it is just for a couple of hours. And when we look back and think about our holiday, we honestly enjoy every minute of it. Besides, who wouldn't enjoy traveling allll of north-central Florida with a hunk of a husband sitting next to you?! (Yes, another rhetorical question!)

Without further a do.... our 2010 Christmas through pictures...

Cookies for Santa and Carrots for the reindeer... Christmas Eve, Mom's house
"Santa won't come until you go to sleep."
I must have said that 1,532,750 times!

Christmas at Nana's

Christmas Morning at Mom & Chris's

 Dad & Lori's Christmas Mid-day
Chelsea, Levi, and Tyler

 Awwww it is Tyler and his favorite Aunt!!

Yea, he looks like the Glasgow Girls for sure! ;)

Merry Christmas Ty!

Sooo cyber world, that completes the holiday festivities! I know, I know, it is a lot of pictures to look at, but hey... at least there wasn't that much to read!?!

As for New Years Eve, we ended up having a quaint little get together/bonfire at our house. It was full of great family, food, and let's not forget the drinks!! I was a bad photographer that night... Soooo no pictures to go along. :(
Next blog post? I think I might share a few of my goals for 2011!!

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