Monday, March 14, 2011

SOBE Food and Wine Festival, 2011

If you aren't a 'foodie' then you probably can't really connect with most of my posts... Because as it has already been established, I love all parts food and drink.

As part of our birthday presents from Mom and Chris, along with mine and John's birthday presents to each other, we went on a 4 day trip to SOBE. (South Beach!)
Here is the official site, and main reason we went, of the SOBE Food and Wine Fest.

And here is an agenda of what we did while in Miami!

Friday Night:
Took a quick 36 minute flight down to Miami International and hopped in a cab that took us to SOBE... We checked in our hotel, the Winterhaven.

We slept in and then spent some time walking about 1.2 miles to the famous Joe's Stone Crab. Where we ate some of the best Stone Crab Claws. Well, it was my first time eating stone crab claws, BUT they were amazing! Cold, tender, juicy, and some wonderful house-made mustard sauce and drawn butter for dipping. YUMMMMMMMMMMM

We then took a stroll back, looking around in shops and such. We eventually made our way to the beach and spent some time catching some rays. SPF 30 was indeed used!! :) SOBE is an event in itself. Anything goes there. I mean ANYTHING. Enough said. None of those 'anything goes' pictures were taken.


Here is a SOBE picture from afar...

After a couple of hours we walked up Ocean Drive and found Oceans 10, a great place to grab an afternoon cocktail. :)
And ran into a famous person!?!
Dennis Rodman

Saturday Night:
That night we made reservations at Emeril's Miami Beach Restaurant. Dinner was very good... But i don't know that I would go back. I say this mainly because there are so many other restaurants that we want to try, but also because nothing really sticks out in my mind. 

We woke up and went to this great cafe that was recommended by a friend, News Cafe, and had a delicious breakfast. This is a place I would try again. :)

We finally made our way to the SOBE Food and Wine Festival. Since we only had tickets to Sunday, we wanted to make the most of our day. We waited in line to get in at opening time...

There were HUNDREDS of vendors in the Grand Tasting Village to see, along with Famous Chefs doing presentations... some of the shows we attended were...


Bobby Flay

Anthony Bourdain

Then Andrew Zimmern came out on stage...

Last but not least, John got his book autographed and picture taken with Anthony Bourdain.

The Grand Tasting Village had some of the most unique, tasty food and beverages... It really was a great way to experience all SOBE had to offer in one location. One booth that John made it to was the Kone- temaki-sake-lounge. He, being a sushi lover, said we must go and try their restaurant. Sooooo
Sunday Night, our last night in SOBE we went to KONE.

Let me just say... first, I have never had a KONE before. One word to describe this yummy goodness? HEAVENLY.
Sweet succulent shrimp tempura with sticky sushi rice and the best eel sauce I have ever had, hands down. This is a MUST try. 
Great cocktails too.

Oh, and I almost forgot... THEY premix their wasabi and soy for you! No work here, ladies and gentleman...
We will definitely make it back to this little, local place. 

And this is a dress I bought while shopping in SOBE! I loved it so much I wore it to dinner two nights in a row... Shhhh. Don't tell. ;)

Well, that wraps up our whirl wind of a trip... We had the best time in SOBE. I would totally recommend this place to people who are looking for a quick getaway. If you like food, relaxation, sun, and sand... and are open to a little diverse culture---it is a place for you! 

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