Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cookie Dough(n't) You Want Some??

So, I did it. I put my favorite thing in a cupcake. I found the most incredible recipe. I baked the best cupcakes in the entire world. I think I have sort of a sense of what utopia feels like, for your mouth. :)

Here is my picture... These were my final project... Read ON if you what more mouth-watering information about these awesome, sensational, breath-taking, yummmmmmyyyyyyyy cakes.

So the best way I can explain what this consists of is,
1, the cupcake tastes like a chocolate chip cookie
2, the filling inside taste IDENTICAL to cookie dough (no raw egg though!)
3, the frosting is the best part, just the right mix of brown sugar with a bite at the end... SALT

My story behind these cupcakes is quite simple. I have a love/hate infatuation relationship with cookie dough. I would (and have) eat raw cookie dough at any opportunity! Gross, I know. But remember, this is my blog. :)

So, when I was reading this incredible blog, Bake at 350, that my great friend Kelli had sent me a link to... I saw that at the bottom of that day's feed was this recipe. I IMMEDIATELY called John over and said I have got to try this!
We made a plan to make them on Sunday, the day before V-day. That way we could enjoy them and then take the rest to school (work) to share! At this point, I think in my mind I had decided I was trying these to make for my husband... Talk about denial... I was totally making them for myself, and I am so glad that I did!!

This cupcake took awhile, won't lie. BUT it was a wonderful experience. I got to try something I normally don't do.. put a filling inside a cupcake... I am now hooked and can't wait to try MORE fillings!!!

So, while I was baking, John and I were discussing how a person can say this is 'my' recipe.. well... really?? How so? Did you make it up? Um no. Not this cupcake girl!

So, after a long debate I starting really paying attention to what all of my 'foodie' bloggers do and low and behold, they always give some sort of props to the source. How nice it was to see that! Finally, I have found a community, cohort, group, etc that LIKES to share. :)

Well, this really got me thinking... who did this recipe come from...

Here was how my scavenger hunt went for me to find the source of this AAAAMMMMAAAAZZZZZZZINNNNNNGGGGGGG cupcake.
 My friend, Kelli sent me the link to
Bake at 350, then within that entry I learned that the frosting recipe was 350's, but the cupcake came from...Ucreate Foods so I was like, okay, here we go!
Nope, Ucreate sent me to Annie's Eats...
Finally! As close as I care to get! Annie's Eats, did however give credit to where/who she got her inspiration from.
of course, if you would like to continue my scavenger hunt, please do so!! :)

P.S.- If you are looking for compliments OR sometimes feel as though all your efforts go unnoticed (especially in the work area) then I suggest you try your hand at making these. Everyone will totally LIKE these. I received soo many compliments! Not to brag, but numerous people literally came to me/sent e-mails/told others how amazing this cupcake was and how it was the BEST, EVER!!
One teacher/friend of mine made a shrine of sorts... You are wondering what he did, aren't you?? Well, if you want to know, just ask! ;) It is definitely a FUNNY story!

Okay, I gotta go. I have to stop thinking about these cupcakes, I have met my limit... times 3. Shhhhh... don't tell my jeans, my scale, or my friend, Mallory. ;)

Yes, I shared some of my FAVORITE blogs tonight! 

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