Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sweet Shot Tuesday: My Pop

Recently I linked up to Five Minute Friday and have also gotten inspired to link up to Sweet Shot Tuesday. This link is a way to get all people to get out there and shoot! (Their camera that is!)

And here is my photo of the week: The Peace Lily

I know, to the unknowing eye, it looks like a sad little house plant. But not to me. This is my daily reminder of my Pop, the one plant that I chose to take home after his funeral services.
He was the family's Rock. Stubborn as anything :), but always brought our family together. He was the one who was always willing to say what others wouldn't. He was funny, loving, and above all else had faith.
It is that faith that allows me to count on this plant. Every Winter the old plant dies off, and it is in the Spring that the new plant sprouts and is beautiful and blooming by Summer and into the Fall.
It was on Tuesday that I just happened to go out the door that we never use, to find this. I looked at John and said, "Pop is back for the Spring!"

This little plant makes me smile.

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